Become a UNISON Health and Safety Representative

Having a UNISON Health and Safety representative in your workplace can make a real difference.

UNISON health and safety representatives can play a vital role in making workplaces safer, healthier places for everyone.

They have the ability under law to carry out inspections, access employer documentation and ensure everything is being done which should be done to keep staff  safe, and the working environment healthy.

What’s more, as a UNISON health and safety rep you’ll get all the support you need to help you and your colleagues make a difference. 

As an accredited representative, you will:

  • Be given full training by UNISON to enable you to carry out your role
  • Have the right to paid time off in order to undertake your duties as a health and safety rep
  • Be protected from victimisation and harassment on the grounds of your role
  • Have the legal right to carry out inspections, assist in the drawing up of risk assessments and the ability to change your workplace for the better
  • Be part of a supportive team of stewards and other union representatives working throughout Pennine Care NHS Trust

Making change happen relies on our workplace representatives.

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