Branch Nominations Open for Key Activist Positions

UNISON elects annually to a number of branch officer positions and we are opening nominations in July for a number of positions that were left vacant after the last elections. These positions are set out below and post holders will hold the positions until March 2013.

Please click here to download a nomination form

Nominations open on Wednesday 11th July 2012 and close on Friday 3rd August 2012. Nominations will be ratified at the branch committee on 20th August 2012. If there is more than one nominee for any post, and nominees do not wish to job share, then an election will take place at that meeting.

We are always looking for people to be more involved and we welcome applications to any of these positions. All positions can be job shared. We have set out some basic information of what is involved in the job, but if you want any further information about any of these positions or about being more involved in your union please give us a call—0161 661 6746.

Branch Secretary – The leader of the UNISON branch. The Secretary is responsible for negotiating on behalf of members, and for ensuring that members receive good representation in line with UNISON rules, and provides a strategic overview of any campaigns on behalf of members. The Branch Secretary is expected to provide support to and coordinate the work of other stewards to ensure that best possible outcomes for members. The Branch Secretary ensures that the branch runs effectively and keeps accurate records, convenes and attend branch meetings.

Chairperson— Presides over all branch meetings, ensuring that meetings are convened in accordance with UNISON rule. The Chairperson has an important role in assisting the Secretary in the leadership of the branch.

Treasurer – Responsible for the Branch finances and ensures the accounts are kept in accordance with UNISON rules. The Treasurer provides regular financial reports and advice for the Branch Committee, a set of audited accounts, and the annual return of branch income and expenditure.

Education Co-ordinator – Leads the work of the branch on the training and education of activists, ensures that UNISON stewards are appropriately trained for their duties and ensured that steward development is accurately monitored.

Welfare Officer – The Welfare Officer undertakes branch welfare activity and ensure that any members seeking welfare assistance receive a prompt, effective and supportive response. The Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring that Officers and Stewards have the most up to date information on welfare, and that members know how to access support.

Labour Link Officer – Must be an individual member of the Labour Party and pay the political levy and is elected only by the members who pay the political levy. The Labour Link Officer is a the key branch contact for national and regional labour link activity and co-ordinates Labour Link activities in the branch.