Hello and welcome to my January update

I don’t know about you but January seems to have been a long month both work wise and financially, so it’s possibly a good time to remind our members of UNISON ‘there for you’ welfare service. It’s there for members suffering financial hardship, both short and longer term. Keep in touch with our website and Facebook page as we post information about heating grants in winter and school uniform grants to name a couple of things. Back to January there has been no board meeting this month, it’s on 5th Feb so I will be feeding back about that next month.

There have been a lot of hearings this month which has kept us all busy supporting our members in a difficult time for them.  I am a member of the trust JUST culture group and we met this month. Look out for the JUST culture conference in March, we need members to attend to be able to understand the Trust commitment to a JUST culture and then hold them to it moving forward. There has also been a HR Just culture group where we are looking at policies such as dignity at work, grievance and disciplinary so we can create better policies which are easier to use and fit in with the Trust values. Always happy to hear feedback on the policies and how they can be improved. I am also part of the corporate ILG meetings, all pretty new for me at the moment and the finance report did challenge me but it’s good that Staff have a voice in these meeting…next on the list is to get a staff side seat on all the divisional  ILG meetings. The equality diversity and inclusion working group met this month main discussion was the WRES WDES and gender pay gap. The EDI main meeting took place but we were unable to attend due to hearings and investigations taking place that same day.

The LGBT+ staff network met this month, this is open to all staff who self identify  as LGBT+( drop me an email if you are interested)  and so did the LGBT+ working group, February is LGBT history month so watch out for an event 28th Feb at Earl Mill where we will be celebrating this and launching our rainbow badges.

I’ve met with a Member who wants to become a rep and she is now signed up so welcome to Mags O’Neil, and I have meetings booked in to speak to members about becoming a welfare officer and equality officer.

You may have seen that the Trust is running MARS for corporate staff, we will be keeping this item on the agenda at the partnership forum so we can oversee the process. We are also keen to hear from our members who took up the option of the pre payment of bank shifts. We will keep this on the agenda also so we can monitor the effect it is having on staff, any issues please contact us on 0161 716 3390?


Regional and national meetings. I attended UNISON regional organising committee in my role as chair of health for the north west and have also chaired UNISON’s  Regional healthcare committee, where I was re elected as chair unopposed for the next twelve months. I also travelled down to London to represent our science technical and therapy staff in the north west at UNISON head quarters.


We held a UNISON branch meeting where we agreed the paperwork for our AGMs in March

We have some UNISON staff who have joined us for 6 months and they will be coming out to work places to speak to staff about what UNISON can help with and our campaigns, if you would like to see them drop me a line and we can arrange a visit.


Pre warning anyone on twitter, the Trust is letting me take over their twitter on 13th Feb, let’s try and get the most re tweets of all the take overs!

Wow no wonder it’s felt a long month! I’m off for a lie down.

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